Niikura Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Niikura Kogyo”) has instituted the following policy to protect personal information such as customer's name, address and contents of application.

  1. Niikura Kogyo complies with applicable laws and standards for the protection of personal information, and takes all necessary measures to protect the personal information of customers.

  2. Niikura Kogyo utilizes personal information properly within the following purposes.

    The purposes of using Personal Information.
    • To identify the applicant.
    • To deliver information, note of invitation, announcement that customer requested.
    • ・For any purposes to supply our services.
    • ・For Sales activities, questionnaire survey to improve our services and sending giveaway through telephone, email and postal mail.

  3. Niikura Kogyo develops company regulations, management system, employee education to properly handle personal information. And, it takes all appropriate measures to prevent from unauthorized access, loss or leakage or tamper of personal information. In addition, Niikura Kogyo makes a continuous effort to review its systems for protecting personal information.

  4. Niikura Kogyo may engage in outsourcing to constructing or business partners with the above purposes. In this case, Niikura Kogyo chooses the company where protection of personal information is planned enough and carries out necessary and appropriate measures, such as making a contract of personal information protection. The company may disclose personal information when cooperating with requests based on laws and regulations from public agencies such as court or police agency.