Challenge Story 2: Can he expand new fields of spray nozzles?
Challenge Story 2:
Can he expand new fields of spray nozzles?

Chapter 1. Challenges from the president?!

I was studying business at college, but I was interested in architecture and tried to transfer the university.
Although transfer was not fulfilled, I decided to work at a company related to the same social infrastructure.
Despite having a track record of more than half a century with original products that are not other people 's soil,
I felt a posture to look forward to the future without being prideful of that, and I joined NIIKURA.

"How would you sell this spray nozzle?"
I was asked so by the president, after finishing the new employee training and being assigned to the sales department.

Chapter 2. What is a spray nozzle?!

spray nozzle

I was entrusted with the use of spray nozzles to open up undeveloped areas.
"Spray nozzle"···? I never heard of it, nor have I seen it.
When I asked seniors, he taught that they are the heads which change the shape of the spray of fluid such as liquid and gas.
In familiar things, they are also used for car wash machines.

The history of spray nozzles of NIIKURA is old, and they have been used for humidifying ships and factories for a long time.
But I was given the mission of expanding sales channels in new fields which are completely different from the past.
Since there was no track record in the new field, there were no people familiar with it in the company,
and on the first year of joining the company, I repeatedly jumped in for sales without knowing the products.

spray nozzle

Chapter 3. Penance, and a ray of light


Factories, leisure facilities such as golf course, government office · · ·,
with a spray nozzle as one hand, I visited for sales to various places. No, even if it says "sales", it was "listening" rather than sales.
If only I could manage to pull out their needs and have the nozzle of NIIKURA used by them... I was full of that feeling.
However, only the days passed without being able to produce a visible outcome, at last the first year was about to end.

At such time, there was a contact from a manufacturer to review the current spray!
It was an inquiry from the fields that I had never thought before, I visited immediately.
I thought what I could do, and I did a simple demonstration using a spray nozzle,
but because my presentation was far from their expectations, the reaction was cold.


Chapter 4. What moved the customer and the company was "motivation".

Still, I made some reason to visit and listened to their request each time, wrote down every word, and asked them to show me their factory over and over again.
They bought my "motivation" and told me that they refused the business from the competing company named in the spray nozzle field, and gave me a lot of "hints" about the products they wanted.

SInce NIIKURA has a lot of regular customers from the past, initially there was a somewhat retrograde atmosphere for new product development,
but there is no choice but to go ahead if I come here!
I talked all about the memos to the development staff in between developing existing products, and asked them to develop new products.

And finally, a completely new and highly versatile satisfactory products has been completed!


Chapter 5. Winning trust

spray nozzle

"Thank you so much, I appreciate your continuing support."
It was a simple word, but everything was packed.
It was the word I was given when the product was completed and delivered for the first time. I almost cried.

From that maker, we have constantly received orders.
I felt that my sense was not wrong.

spray nozzle

Chapter 6. Seniors saved me.

The most difficult thing was the fight against our own mental.
Even though I was told that " the first year is for studying," days are just passed without producing any results, my body and mind exhausted so that my tears dropped unconsciously.
I could overcome it thanks to a senior.
Although he is a tough person for work, he cared about my state of being withdrawal tendency, and accompanied the business.
Even getting somewhat aggressive, he took me out for drinking, jogging, golf, etc., and took good care of me.

I still cherish the two words he gave me very much.

  1. "You are a type going to do diligently, so you should be able to get some results in a while. But do not be prideful of them and apply yourself dilligently without being floated even if praised."
  2. "Work for yourself, not for anyone else. If you work for someone's sake, or with the feeling that you want to be praised by someone, yourself will collapse when it collapses, but if you work for yourself, you won't collapse."

Chapter 7. Civil use of spray nozzle kit

spray nozzle

Another thing was to develop a new method of using spray nozzle at the same time.
It is a mist spray that gives a cool in hot summer.
I wonder if you may have seen a cool mist in the parks, or the stations, etc.

Actually, this requires a large machine such as a compressor, or installing a tank of water, etc.
It costs quite a lot, so there are many voices like "We want it but they are so expensive ...".
So, we started planning of installing without using such large-scale facilities ....
We have succeeded in developing and selling mist spray kit which can be used just by connecting a hose from a tap!
This kit is inexpensive and easy to install, so it have been introduced in various places such as the famous surf shore coast and the JR Gotemba station.
"We want to add more sprays," additional orders are also strong.
The reputation spread, and it was taken up also in the local radio program.

spray nozzle

Chapter 8. The achievements and the future

Pioneering new fields of spray nozzles. Why such a difficult project to our new recruits?
In those days I thought such a thing over and over.
But now I know. If we are dealing only with "regular customers" of "usual usage"
unexpected information can not be obtained.
There are only new recruits who can work without existing ideas! It was visible to the president.

It is very useful now that visited the factory and heard.
I have become able to understand the state of the factory just by talking on the phone even the other customers.
I learned the importance of chasing after greedly until I understood, and listening to the opinions of various people.
It is natural that there are points that new employees do not reach. But doing so makes it possible to compensate for points that do not arrive.

Instead, respect the good things of myself, believe in my feelings and move forward.


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