Developing Engineer
An engineer is a creator and a coordinator.
An engineer is a creator and a coordinator.

We produce important products that will protect people's lives and property.

The job of development starts with "product planning".
Two products in charge, safety valves and vacuum valves. Both are important roles to prevent damages due to pressure changes in the tank.
Read current issues and customer needs and investigate marketability (whether selling or versatility etc).
Then, after confirming the accompanying rules, decide the product specifications.
When considering the design specifications, we, the designers will decide together with sales people as a whole.

Finally designing. Consider the shape of concrete product from the production specification and draw it.
There are an assembly drawing and a processing drawing in the drawing, and an instruction on processing is added to the processing drawing.
At this point, we made a prototype.
The final exam. Evaluate whether the manufactured prototype meets the original production specifications.
Many of our products have to undergo public certification of "type approval"
We will also manufacture test equipment for that purpose, and also prepare drafts, certificates and other documents.

In order to mass-produce the prototype, we reviewed and revised the production side and the cost side,
and finally they will go on a journey as "goods". So far, six months at the earliest.
Whether the process is reliable · · · constantly checking · · ·.
The development span is long, and even young employees also do other product development, so do speedily without mistakes.

Engineers always act with the aim of being the best.

I am trying to clarify that "I want to do this" instead of "being instructed" or "because other people are doing".
I think that will lead to a fun job, and we have an atmosphere to allow it.
Even if you think seriously about it, even if it is laughable by others, I do not mind. I would not laugh at them.

In order to realize the best, think hard what to do, and try it if you have the possibility.
Thinking while moving, such footwork is also important.
I act for the best at my own will, but I do not work quietly alone.
In fact, it is also important for a technicians to build a good relationships with various people.
For that, I think that what is necessary is human-like things such as goodness of spirit and greetings.
I feel that the company wants us to acquire not only professional abilities of work, but also human beings who are excellent persons.
The fact that the people inside the company are really good is also a wonderful point of our company.
Many are straightforward and gentle. You will hardly get caught up in trouble about human relations.

"Are you tolerant of failure?"


It was the time of president interview.
"It is said that you will let young people act important roles, but are you tolerant of failure?", I asked.
"I do not think the failure to succeed is a failure." With this reply from the president, I decided to join the company.
I felt like I could work freely, and I thought that I would like to work with him.
From this experience, my advice to everyone is "If you join a company, you should see the manager, and judge."

The world is wide, there are a lot of companies you do not know.
The size of the company you work at is not related to your own superiority or inferiority.
Therefore, please do not decide easily.
Even if it is muddy and it doesn't look smart, I want you to challenge various companies. That person will surely shine.

Even if I review myself, I will never regret.

Graduated from Kobe University Graduate School of Maritime Sciences
Born in Osaka Prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend holiday: Travel (going around the Tohoku by car / railroad, going to Kyushu by ferry ...),
Listening to music, or study at home.

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