Sales Officer
I Joined NIIKURA because there are regular study sessions 
so that young people can play active roles.
I Joined NIIKURA because there are regular study sessions
so that young people can play active roles.

I will be able to do my best even if I have no knowledge at all.

When I was hunting a job both in Tokyo where my university is and my local Shizuoka prefecture, I came across NIIKURA.
At company briefing sessions, senior employees participated, and I am interested in the atmosphere,
and also in what they told me that even without knowledge, they regularly hold study meetings so that the environment is set up
in which the young people can challenge and active, so I joined the company.

After joining the company, I was able to learn about our business and products around the departments for over 3 months as the seniors said.
The fact that I was able to know the flow of work at the beginning is very helpful for the work of sales officer now.
Also, since we decide goals every week, it is clear what to do.
Many seniors back me up so I can feel my achievement every week.
Every day I feel that the accumulation of each work leads to the accumulation of 'rewarding'.

"Determining goals" that we did in the training, now it is done throughout the department.


I was assigned to the sales office and have been in charge of sales support for land and plant products.
It is an important job that Depending on my support the higher sales results and higher performances can be achieved.
Not only regular business such as quotation creation and order form /slip processing,
but also irregular things happen almost every day ..., such as response to telephone inquiries and request for short delivery time.

So "visualization" of the day's work schedule has become useful.
By exporting and sharing the day's work in chronological order by everyone in the department
you can get supported by someone who can afford when an irregular situation happens.
Besides improving work efficiency, communications also became active. This is exactly killing two birds with one stone!


To a place of higher learning.


It is the sales people who respond to customers in the front · · · No, no, we, sales officers also do.
Because most of our daily transactions are handled by us sales officeres.
It is us who receive consultation "Can you do something?" from customers.
In such a case, we multiply the purchasing group and manufacturing department to respond to the needs of the customers as much as possible, and when we comply with their requests,
it is also us that to be given the words "thank you" or "You helped me a lot".
Although we may get strict words, it is rewarding to be able to hear directly the customer's voice and obtain a real feeling that I am contributing to the company's performance.
I think that it is interesting part of being the sales officer.

It is a nice thing about NIIKURA that training and internal exchange events are substantial.
At the company study group, I have been studying in a veteran employee group for a year and a half since I joined the company.
Since I can listen to the opinions of seniors who are active as leaders in various departments, I can study and learn management aspects very much.
I would like to aim for the "best" so that I can teach my juniors better methods of work.

Do my best

Graduated from Faculty of Contemporary Welfare, Department of Welfare Community Department
Born in Shizuoka prefecture
Hobbies / How to spend your holiday: Shopping, listening to music

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