Our Competitive Edge

NIIKURA KOGYO, we continue to strive in creating state-of-the-art technology.
As we continue to be a manufacturer with passion for improved technology and providing quality products, it is our mission to give something back to the industry through cost reduction and maintaining stable supply chain.

Rich Results

NIIKURA has abundant development results of products for marine, plants, and many other industries.

Rich Results

in Product Development

NIIKURA started research and development for various industrial products in marine and factory usage since its founding in 1950, and expanding our capacity in other areas of manufacture.

Cutting-edge technology

Development of Unique Products through cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology

Development of Unique Products

NIIKURA holds an abundance of utility model patents and products with registration of design. Under planned production, standard products such as 50 maritime equipment, 30 industrial plant equipment, and approximately 350 spray nozzle products are made available at all times including above mentioned special patented and registered products.

Customers’ viewpoint

NIIKURA’s Manufacturing and Development linking in customers’ viewpoint

Customers’ viewpoint

NIIKURA’s Manufacturing and Development

NIIKURA professionals in each specialized field are standing by to meet customer requirements whether it is a marketing presentation or technical visit. Technical collaboration and collaborative development are offered depending on production quantity and other various conditions. NIIKURA aspires to offer high quality products while realizing reduced cost to customers and short delivery time.


Your enquiries and consultation are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

Good After Service

By our Skilled Engineers

We have great support system with our high technology thanks to our skilled people.
We will be very happy to give you expert advice to select the best product to meet your needs.


Years nearly since Established


and more Marine Products


Industrial Plant Equipment


Spray Nozzles


Legacy Company

We keep making business & technology innovations and progresses.
We thoroughly share information in the company and make support system for each other, and so that enables us to provide our customers better service.
Also we are making a progress toward diversity.


NIIKURA was chosen and introduced in
"Legacy Company 2"

~A "tradition and innovation" drama of persistent companies which exceed generations.

by Diamond Management Club, Published by Diamond Inc. - Aug 4, 2016

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